Limestone is a sedimentary rock, formed during millions of years from calcium carbonate, skeletal fragments of marine organisms and shells. Limestone is characterized by shells and fossils found in its surface and by natural soil colors and tones.

Limestone tile colors are pastel, vary from light grey to, sand beige, brown and pure black color. Limestone patterns are minimal, its colors and tones are evenly distributed.

Limestone surface may be variously elaborated. Limestone tiles can be polished (with even and shiny surface, unpolished (aged), brushed (thus granting the surface light wavy texture), with uneven edges or specially cut edges.

Limestone properties, such as hardness and humidity resistance, etc., differ by quarry location. Limestone  is solid enough  for wall and floor covering in any case. Limestone tiles are non-slippery, that's why they are ideal for flooring. For perfect limestone products appearance and easy care special means for impregnation are recommended.

Limestone tiles enchant by uniqueness and a hint of the past, the fit perfectly for wall and floor covering.